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31 August 2019

Added bamboo, sugar cane and more.

In this update of Sapixcraft I added the bamboo and sugar cane items. I changed the furnace to use the new cobblestone texture and make some minor changes to the ice and color changes to the rails

New things:

  • bamboo item
  • sugar cane item

Changed things:

  • lapis lazuli item
  • furnace top
  • furnace side
  • furnace front on
  • furnace front
  • ice
  • blue ice
  • packed ice
  • frosted ice 1
  • frosted ice 2
  • frosted ice 3
  • activator rail on
  • activator rail
  • detector rail on
  • detector rail
  • powered rail on
  • powered rail
  • rail corner
  • rail