You can get the pack for bedrock on Patreon. The Marketplace release will happen at 95% completion. Current completion: 91%

Making a full conversion of all the blocks, items and mobs takes a lot of time, there are more than 1500 textures in minecraft so It will still take a while till the pack is finished because of new updates etc.

Yes, ofcourse! And be sure to share them in the discord so we can show some love!

No, you just have to wait 5seconds once you are on the page and then press the 'skip' button.

Resolution is the size of the individual textures. 512x is the highest resolution but will run the slowest.
I recommend using 128x.

If you are experiencing problems with downloads, be sure to turn off your adblock.
If that didn't fix it you can ask direct questions to someone on the discord.

(Also make sure you are not using Internet Explorer)

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