The Fancy Stands Add-on makes it so that armorstands look more like a Minecraft character making it fit better with armor.

This will only work with Sapixcraft, Optifine required. (link below)

Preview the Fancy Stands add-on

See what Minecraft will look like when using this Add-on

Sapixcraft Original Image Default Sapixcraft
Sapixcraft Modified Image With Fancy Stands Add-On
How do I give my armorstand arms?

type in the following command:

/data merge entity @e[type=armor_stand,limit=1] {ShowArms:1} source

Download Fancy Stands add-on

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step 1 icon Choose your desired Minecraft Java game version.

Download for Minecraft 1.19.4 coming once Optifine is updated.

Download for Minecraft 1.19.3

This add-on requires Optifine!

step 2 icon Choose your desired resolution to download. what does this mean?

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