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Lush Foliage

Make all foliage in Minecraft LUSH, natural and varied with this add-on

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bedrock edition

Sapixcraft Bedrock
Resource Pack 1.19

Get the Beta version of Sapixcraft now!
And coming soon to the Marketplace.

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java edition

Sapixcraft for Java 1.19

Get the new 1.19 update now!

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java edition

Resource Pack

for Minecraft Java Edition 1.19 - 1.8.9
Get the pack in 6 different resolutions!

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java Add-on

Colossal Items

Very light add-on that gives you
gigantic items and blocks in your hands!

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java Add-on


Christmas add-on that gives
your Sapixcraft a cozy theme!

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What is the Sapixcraft resource pack?

Have a new experience with a HD, cartoony and clean Resource Pack! This pack has bright and vibrant colors while keeping the original Minecraft feel.

Sapixcraft is currently available in 5 different resolutions for Java Edition and Bedrock Edition!

Also available are add-ons and mod patches to customize your experience.

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Join over 2000+ other people on the official Discord server for Sapixcraft related announcements and discussions.

This is also the place to suggest features, give feedback, report bugs and message me directly 😄!

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