Bedrock Edition

Coming very soon to the Marketplace.



for Minecraft Java Edition 1.16 - 1.8

java add-on

Colossal Items Add-on

Get gigantic items and blocks in your hands!

java add-on

Christmas Add-on

Christmas themed tools for your game!

What is Sapixcraft?

Sapixcraft is an easy to play resource pack which significantly improves your Minecraft experience by making your world as clean as possible in a cartoon and unique style.
Sapixcraft is available in 5 different resolutions for Java Edition and will be coming out soon for Bedrock Edition.


Join the community

Join over 1000 other people on the official Sapixcraft Discord server for resourcepack related announcements and discussions. This is also the place to report bugs and message me directly!

Preview Sapixcraft

Click to view some screenshots using Sapixcraft.

A stripmine with rails, blastfurnace and a crafting table.
Diamond armor
Wearing diamond armor inside a cave ready for battle.
The swamplands
Roofed forest biome
A roofed forest biome with Sapixcraft
Taiga biome
A taiga biome with Sapixcraft

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