Sapixcraft Java - Minecraft Java Edition

Download Sapixcraft for Minecraft Java Edition. You can choose between a couple of Minecraft game versions such as 1.13, 1.12, 1.10, .. And Sapixcraft texture resolutions such as 512x 256x 128x 64x 32x 16x.

coming soon

Sapixcraft Bedrock - Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Get Sapixcraft on Minecraft Bedrock edition!

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Sapixcraft Add-ons - (only for java edition)

Download add-ons for Sapixcraft Minecraft Java Edition. There are packs that add some different things like more items with Optifine, more 3D blocks, ..

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Sapixcraft Mods - (only for java edition)

Enhance your modded Minecraft experience with these Sapixcraft supported mods.