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23 June 2019

Added cows, bamboo, dispensers and droppers.

In this update of Sapixcraft I added cows and mooshroom cows, bamboo, dropper and dispensers. I also changed the face of the creeper (still w.i.p), chests got a bit of an overhaul and we got the new Minecraft + Sapixcraft logo on the start and homescreen!

Added things:

  • Cow
  • Red mooshroom cow
  • Brown mooshroom cow
  • Bamboo stalk
  • Dropper front + vertical
  • Dispenser front + vertical

Changed things:

  • Creeper face
  • Chest
  • Stone shovel
  • Enchanting item effect
  • Mojang startup logo
  • Homescreen Minecraft logo
  • Fixed some splashes on homescreen
  • Fixed bug blast_furnace_font_on