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Added pigs, saddle, fishing rods, signs and more. read more

13 October 2019

Added shears and phantom membrane, beetroot, ink sac and more. read more

27 September 2019

Added chicken and cooked chicken, all signs, smooth stone and more. read more

16 September 2019

Added bamboo, sugar cane and more. read more

31 August 2019

Changed the crafting table along with the melon block and more. read more

24 August 2019

Added the zombie, dried kelp item, blue orchid flower and more. read more

21 August 2019

Added barrels, dandelions, blast furnaces and more. read more

10 August 2019

Added smoker, changed cobblestone and more. read more

5 August 2019

Added cows, bamboo, dispensers, droppers and more. read more

23 June 2019

Added barrels, dandelions and blast furnaces. view more

26 May 2019

Added repeaters, command blocks and changed the look of furnaces. view more

14 April 2019

Updated 1.12 textures and new armor. view more

24 march 2019

Added kelp item, beacon beam, dark prismarine and more. view more

13 februari 2019

Added trapdoors, sea pickle, flowers and more. view more

3 februari 2019

New glass and added redstone lamp and more. view more

16 january 2019

Added doors and UI changes. view more

9 december 2018

New dirt, coarse dirt and podzol. view more

20 november 2018

New wool, logs and crafting table. view more

4 november 2018